Annual Examinations
Price varies
Thorough exam + time with veterinarian for questions and concerns.
Dental Cleaning/Surgery/Radiographs
Price varies
Full service dental procedures under anesthesia
Isolation Hospitalization
Price varies
Multiple Infectious Disease Isolation Care Wards
Orthopedic/General/Emergency Surgery
Price varies
Multiple Surgery Suites equipped for an array of emergency, orthopedic, and general elective surgeries with state of the art monitoring equipment.
In-House Laboratory
Price varies
Idexx Laboratory Equipment capable of running basic blood screens, drug monitoring panels, emergency diagnostics, and infectious disease testing.
Hospitalization/Intensive Care Services
Price varies
fully capable ICU and hospital technicians.
Class IV Therapy Laser
Price varies
State of the art treatment to reduce pain and increase healing/blood flow.
Emergency Services
Price varies
Walk-ins Welcome!
Laser Surgery
Price varies
Prevents excess bleeding, reduces pain.
Price varies
Digital X-Ray
Price varies
Pregnancy checks to thorough exams
Humane Euthanasia
Price varies
Separate comfort room from hospital for humane euthanasia to properly say goodbye to your sick fur family.
Monthly Vaccine Clinic
Price varies
First Saturday of every month we hold shot clinic from 10-2 for no exam, low cost vaccines.
Price varies
Indoor/Outdoor runs, large turf play-area, convenient drop offs/pick-ups, extra-large kennels for multiple pet boarding, separate feline boarding room, year-round boarding

12,000 square feet
Six exam rooms
Two surgical suites
NEW – Lite Cure Therapeutic Laser Therapy
Separate waiting areas for cats and dogs
NEW – state-of-the-art dental equipment and procedures
Sound Technology™ Digital Radiology program
Laser surgery programs
Storz™ Endoscopy for small and large animals
New equine medical center
Electric dentistry for equines
Four veterinarians on staff with experience treating almost any type of animal
Separate entrance and exit for euthanasia and bereavement room
Animal boarding center
Extended hours (8 a.m. to midnight Mon-Thurs, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Fri)
Three ICU oxygen and incubation units

All forms of payment are accepted during our regular office hours, Monday – Thursday, 8 a.m. to midnight, and Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
The monthly shot clinics are cash only and our spay and neuter program is cash, credit or debit only. Sorry for any inconvenience.