Spay & Neuter

We do spay/neuter surgeries by appointment only.

The pet has to be an established pet here with a physical exam within the last year. If they have not, we can do a physical exam on your pet for $25. Drop offs are any time between 8am- 9am the day of the surgery. Please allow time to wait whenever dropping off or picking up. Make sure that you do not feed your pet past 9pm the night before surgery but water is allowed. Payment is expected at the time of drop off,  We accept cash, credit, or debit only — no checks!! Pick-ups are between 4pm-5:30pm with the exception of declaws who have to pick up the next morning after 11 am.

All spay and neuter surgery prices include the surgery and a pain pack. We can also give vaccines, do heartworm/feline leukemia tests, or nail trims at the same time. We recommend pre-anesthetic bloodwork for any pet going under anesthesia, but we don’t require it unless the pet is older than five years, and we also recommend buying an e-collar to take home so your pet can’t chew their incision. Price varies depending on their size.

For large male dogs we recommend doing a scrotal ablation (This term refers to the complete removal of the scrotum. In our standard castrations, the testicles are removed from the scrotum and the scrotum remains intact.)

If your pet is pregnant, there is a $16.00 charge to abort the litter and $35.00 for supportive fluids. Bloodwork is mandatory for all pregnant animals.

**There is also a $7 bio hazard fee that will be added to prices + TAX (when applicable) **


Spay —$ 107
Neuter – $92
Neuter Cryptorchid –

*Cryptorchids will
always go home with
This will be at an
additional cost.


Spay 2-391bs – $192.00
Spay 40+lbs – $257.00
Neuter 2-391bs – $192.00
Neuter 40-120lbs – $232.00
Neuter 121-200lbs – $357.00
Neuter Cryptorchid –

Scrotal Ablasion – $110.00
(in addition to
neuter price)


Front declaws-$300
All four declaws-$400

The prices for declaws
include a pain pack and
an antibiotic to prevent

Other Services

Pre-Op bloodwork – $120
Nail trim – $10.00
E-collar – $10.00 to $35.00
Microchip – $46.50
Rabies- $14.50
DHPP – $16.00
Bordatella Oral – $16.50
Lyme/Lepto combo – $45.00
Heartworm Test – $45.00
FVRCP/Feline Leukemia combo – $25.00
Feline Leuk./Aids Test – $46.00

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